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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We produce Global Feed and Global Chicks, the popular brands in livestock and poultry sectors of Nepal.

Parent Feed

We offer breeder feed designed to meet performance and flock management goals; to optimize chick quality, maximize egg numbers, improve hatchability, maintain shell quality, and ensure proper embryo development. We offer breed specific feeds that are formulated with specific vitamins and minerals to maintain bird health. The feeds use high quality raw materials that deliver good early growth and healthy birds. Mash and crumbles are available.

Broiler Parent Feed Types

  • Broiler Parent Starter (BSP)
  • Broiler Parent Developer (BPD)- Mash/Pellet
  • Broiler Parent Pre Breeder (BPPB)- Mash/Pellet
  • Broiler Parent Female 1 (BPF-1)- Mash/Pellet
  • Broiler Parent Female 2 (BPF-2)- Mash/Pellet
  • Broiler Parent Male (BPM)- Mash/Pellet

Layers Parent Feed Types

  • Layers Parent Starter (LPS)
  • Layers Parent Developer (LPD)- Mash/Pellet
  • Layers Parent Pre-Breeder (LPPB)- Mash/Pellet
  • Layers Parent Female 1 (LPF-1)- Mash/Pellet
  • Layers Parent Female 2 (LPF-2)- Mash/Pellet
  • Layers Parent Male (LPM)- Mash/Pellet