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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We produce Global Feed and Global Chicks, the popular brands in livestock and poultry sectors of Nepal.

Layers Feed

Customers count on you for fresh eggs with the right qualities for the market—yolk color, eggshell color, and shell hardness, for example. With Global as your business partner, you benefit from our expertise in poultry nutrition and production. We are enthusiastic to work with poultry business people to help them keep layers healthy, promote production and provide fresh, wholesome products for the market.

Our full lines of retail poultry feed, custom poultry feeds, and concentrates can help you ensure that laying hens are healthy and are producing well.


  • Layer Starter Crumble
  • Layer Crower Crumble
  • Pre Layer Mash/Pellet
  • Layer Mash/Pellet
  • Layer Concentrate 40%

Similarly, we are producing the broiler and layer breeder feed as per the demand.